We have the following academic programs available at this time:

Degree Bachelor Master Doctorate
Biblical Studies Yes Yes No
Theology Yes Yes Yes
Divinity Yes Yes Yes
Pastoral Counseling Yes Yes No

We are on a semester system with two 16 week semesters as well as an intensive summer semester for accelerated students. 


We are also offering a Core Biblical Foundations certificate program made up of 7 courses, 3 units per course as follows:

OT Survey

NT Survey
Theology I

Theology II

Church History I

Personal Resilience

Biblical Philosophy/Apologetics


If God is calling you into a deeper relationship or you want to earn a recognized degree as you prepare for full time ministry, the academic programs we offer will take you to where God is calling you to go. Our campus is a grace filled and loving environment where spiritual growth is more important that academic rhetoric. We are called to help you find out what God is calling you to do and assist you on your path to fulfill that call.



A Message from our President...

First, let me say that we truly believe ministry is not a future goal…it’s a daily call. It is our mission to educate and disciple individuals who are called into ministry or who want to study the Word of God in a way to not just understand, but apply the deep truths contained within.

"My philosophy of Christian Education? Well, it is not based upon individualism without regard of others, intellectualism as an end in itself, technology as the apex of human achievement, humanistic ideals or evolutionary thought as reasons for existence (which degrades individuals to simple animals rather than beings created in the image of God). It is not modernism or even postmodernism - it is not relativism or humanism - and its agenda does not fit into the 'New World Order' apriori which many educators are basing their teaching on today.

Christian Education is based upon sound Biblical truths and develops the whole person. It utilizes the three methods we all use to acquire knowledge and grow in wisdom and character - those being; our reason, our senses, and our beliefs or faith. Christian Education brings this trinity of discovery into sync and causes the student to be nurtured into maturity of faith built upon rational knowledge in an interactive and experiential environment. Ultimately, Christian Education is based on reverence for God which is the beginning of wisdom, loyalty to the standards of the Christian faith, and love for God and others. This naturally leads to a deeper understanding of spiritual laws and theological concepts as well as physical laws. Language, thought, mathematics, science, human dynamics, and even world history all point to a divine creator and absolute truth. My Philosophy of Christian Education can be summarized as a dynamic process that reconciles the students to God by helping them understand His creation, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the example of our Master and Teacher, Jesus Christ.

I hope and pray that you stop whatever you are doing, pray, and listen for God to direct you. If you end up enrolling in Coastland University for one class or a full load, I can assure you that you will be nurtured, in the love of Christ, taught sound doctrine from the Bible, and encouraged to step out in faith and do what God is calling you to do.

I'm at your service in Christ,
Pastor Brett Peterson


Click here for a sample Graduation Worksheet - an overview of all the classes you need for a Bachelor's degree:  Microsoft Excel Graduation Worksheett


Equipping a generation to stand on the Word of God, one student at a time!