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Thank you for your interest in going to Bible College! At Coastland, we truly believe ministry is not a future goal…it’s a daily call. It is our mission to educate and disciple individuals who are called into ministry or who want to study the Word of God in a way to not just understand, but apply the deep truths contained within.

Christian Education is based upon sound Biblical truths and develops the whole person. It utilizes the three methods we all use to acquire knowledge and grow in wisdom and character - those being; our reason, our senses, and our beliefs or faith. Christian Education brings this trinity of discovery into sync and causes the student to be nurtured into maturity of faith built upon rational knowledge in an interactive and experiential environment. Ultimately, Christian Education is based on reverence for God which is the beginning of wisdom, loyalty to the standards of the Christian faith, and love for God and others. This naturally leads to a deeper understanding of spiritual laws and theological concepts as well as physical laws. Language, thought, mathematics, science, human dynamics, and even world history all point to a divine creator and absolute truth. My Philosophy of Christian Education can be summarized as a dynamic process that reconciles the students to God by helping them understand His creation, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the example of our Master and Teacher, Jesus Christ.

You will get a rock solid Biblical education at Coastland!  The fact is, we actually teach and practice only what the Bible directs us to!

coastland Christian bible college & university

Coastland is equiping Chaplains, Pastors, and Missionaries to serve this generation.  When our founder went to Bible college, he had to take out student loans, as well as the rest of his classmates.  Upon graduation, many of those men called into ministry had to take secular jobs to pay off their debt, and they never made it into ministry.  This grieved our founder, and in 1998 God impressed it on his heart to start a University that wasn't about money - it's about equipping students for ministry.  And Coastland University was born.

God has truly raised up this school to address the need in Christian Colleges that seems to have crept into the older seminaries and universities. The need is for a school that holds to the authority of scripture and the literal application of God's Word both for faith and practice. If you are looking to get a Christian education based on the Bible, and teachers who are not willing to water down, compromise, or give in to secular philosophy and humanism, than Coastland Christian Bible College and University could be the school for you. We are committed to providing academic excellence without compromising the need for discipleship and spiritual growth. Coastland offers an excellent Bible College program, and is the only Christian University in South Orange County, California!

coastland is here to equip those called and strengthen the true child of God in these last days

We are a Christian University in Southern California that has a vision to serve our students and equip them for ministry. Our faculty are all Godly men who are totally in love with our Lord and desire to disciple students. Teaching the uncompromised Word of God - Sola Scriptura!

  • Do you feel called into ministry?
  • Are you ready to follow scripture rather than man's ideas?
  • Do you want to teach, live, and practice what the Bible teaches?
  • Coastland may be the school for you!

We hope and pray that you stop whatever you are doing, pray, and listen for God to direct you. If you end up enrolling in Coastland University for one class or a full load, I can assure you that you will be nurtured, in the love of Christ, taught sound doctrine from the Bible, and encouraged to step out in faith and do what God is calling you to do.

A message from our founder, Pastor Brett Peterson:

"My philosophy of Christian Education? Well, it is not based upon individualism without regard of others, intellectualism as an end in itself, technology as the apex of human achievement, humanistic ideals or evolutionary thought as reasons for existence (which degrades individuals to simple animals rather than beings created in the image of God). It is not modernism or even postmodernism - it is not relativism or humanism - and its agenda does not fit into the 'New World Order' apriori which many educators are basing their teaching on today.

It is time for this generation to rise up and stand for Biblical Truth!  To bring unity to the Body of Christ and put down denominational ideologies that segment the Church!  I pray, with many tears, that our Lord's prayer would be answered when He prayed, 'may the be one, even as you (our heavenly Father) and I (Jesus) are one'.   It is time to stand on the Word of God alone, not dogma or creeds.  It is time for the true church to come together as one.  That is what Coastland is all about!" 

Pastor Brett started Calvary Chapel Bible College in Jerusalem and has been teaching the uncompromised Word of God since 1985.  He has earned several degrees and currently Pastors Living Water Community Church in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.


"Instead of making our theological seminaries merely centers of religious emotion, we shall make them battle-grounds of the faith, where, helped a little by the experience of Christian teachers, men are taught to fight their own battle, where they come to appreciate the real strength of the adversary and in the hard school of intellectual struggle learn to substitute for the unthinking faith of childhood the profound convictions of full-grown men."
- J. Gresham Machen, 1913

Core Values - DIEM:
The primary goal for Coastland University is to equip students to be like Christ as they fulfill the great commission. The challenge to follow Christ compels us to pursue a personal and professional life-style of:

  • Discipleship
    Jesus told us to “go and make disciples.”  We have a desire to see students grow in three vital areas of discipleship:
    1. Spirituality – Knowing Christ and discovering their gifts
    2. Relationships – Showing Christ and sharing their gifts with others
    3. Ministry – Making Christ known by utilizing their gifts in the Church and in the world.
  • Instruction
    Instruction will come through the classroom and extracurricular ministries.  However, the most important instruction will be learning how to be taught by the Holy Spirit.  We believe God will speak to you, instruct you, and guide you as you grow in your walk with Jesus.  Our teachers are simple vessels in the hand of God. 
  • Enrichment
    The goal of our instruction is your enrichment.  It is to cause you to grow into the person who is equipped to fulfill the call of God on your life.
  • Ministry
    We believe that ministry is not just a future goal – it’s a daily call.  Our desire is that you begin to be used in ministry from the day you begin your course of instruction at Coastland University .
    By the time you graduate, you will have more than a degree – you will truly be equipped to minister to this generation!

At Coastland, you can afford to take classes. If God is calling you into a deeper relationship or you want to earn a recognized degree as you prepare for full time ministry, the academic programs we offer will take you to where God is calling you to go. Our campus is a grace filled and loving environment where spiritual growth is more important that academic rhetoric. We are called to help you find out what God is calling you to do and assist you on your path to fulfill that call.

There are certain times in life where God calls you to go beyond yourself and do things with eternal importance.  This could be your time.  Coastland could be the school God is calling you to attend to get equipped for the ministry.  Or He may be just wanting you to grow in your personal walk.  We are here to help you in your call and destiny.  Heed the call!