Our Mission at Coastland - Missions!
We are committed to equipping workers to go out and proclaim the Gospel to a lost and hurting world!  The whole planet is a mission field and it is our goal to see the great commission realized in our generation.  It's about building into peoples lives, not just building a University.

"Instead of making our theological seminaries merely centres of religious emotion, we shall make them battle-grounds of the faith, where, helped a little by the experience of Christian teachers, men are taught to fight their own battle, where they come to appreciate the real strength of the adversary and in the hard school of intellectual struggle learn to substitute for the unthinking faith of childhood the profound convictions of full-grown men."
- J. Gresham Machen, 1913

Core Values - DIEM:
The primary goal for Coastland University is to equip students to be like Christ as they fulfill the great commission. The challenge to follow Christ compels us to pursue a personal and professional life-style of:

Reaching Ireland with the Gospel
Ireland, home to 6.3 mission people, is the least evangelized English speaking nation in the world!  Less than 1% of these are Evangelical Christians! More than ninety-nine percent of our people are not born again Bible believing Christians!

IrishChurches.com is a network of Evangelical Christian churches across the entire island of Ireland.

* We must strengthen each local church

* We must raise up more leaders

* We must plant more local churches

Zimbabwe Orphanage

Many of Zimbabwe’s 11 million people live in desperate poverty, stemming from successive droughts, Zimbabwe’s political and economic problems, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS (affecting one-quarter of the population) and outbreaks of cholera and other diseases which have claimed tens of thousands of lives.  Children in Zimbabwe are especially vulnerable.  UNICEF estimates that one-fifth (1.6 million) of all children are orphans, largely because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  More than half of all new HIV/AIDS infections are among young people, primarily girls.

imbabwe Orphan Care is making a real difference in the lives of children who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance for a loving home, nourishing food, and a good education.

Zimbabwe Orphan Care Projects:

* Jabulani Children’s Home
* Feeding programs
* Clothing and School uniforms
* Paying school fees

Contact Pastor Brett for more information:  Click here