Welcome to our Nautilus Program - Distance Learning Hub

Nautilus is Coastland's Online College. Nautilus helps people across the country and around the world to gain tools to study God's Word in depth and share His Word with others. Take Bible College classes for personal enrichment or for a College Degree in Biblical studies, Divinity, or Pastoral Care and Counseling. Our online Bible College - Nautilus - provides online education courses that give you practical Biblical training and help you build on a foundation from which you will benefit long after you have finished each course and obtained a degree. It is more than just an academic pursuit – it is a life changing adventure into know Christ and making Him known. Ministry is not a future goal; it’s a daily call at Coastland.

No matter where you live, if you have internet access you can enroll in our online program. Nautilus extends the college's impact far beyond the boundaries of our main campus. Through Coastland Online, individuals from around the world study with the assistance of on-campus Professors who give you the interaction needed to make your Biblical education meaningful. In addition, through partnerships with local churches, groups of students can study together with a pastor serving as a mentor in a church-based class.

Through Nautilus a student may take one course or complete a degree program.

Nautilus may be the compass you have been praying for to set the course of the rest of your life and ministry.

All Nautilus students benefit from ...

Whether you plan to come to the campus for full-time study in the future or simply want to enrich your life and ministry through college training from home, we invite you to become a Coastland University student where you are. Coastland Online - The Nautilus Project - may be what you’ve been praying for!

Contact us for general information regarding the Online program and application procedures or call the Admissions office at 1-949-444-0321.