No matter what age, Coastland has a program for you!


High school students can take college classes and put their units in 'escrow'.  Once the graduate high school and enroll, all the earned units are counted towards their degree!

Post graduate, adults, and any who just wants to get equipped or grow in the knowledge of the Word of God can take classes anytime - for credit or even just to audit the course for personal enrichment.


Coastland is unapologetically Christian.  We stand on the timeless truth contained in the Word of God.  We can be considered true Biblicists.   We teach, practice, and proclaim the principals of scripture. 


We will not compromise nor will we tolerate false doctrine and shoddy hermeneutics.  We will correct false teaching and practice where ever we find it. 


Equipping a generation to stand on the Word of God, one student at a time!