Our Faculty are committed to discipling the next generation of leaders

Our Faculty have dedicated their lives to teaching others the uncompromised Word of God and discipling those called into ministry or wanting to grow in their Christian walk.


Biblical Studies - Dr. Pastor Brett Peterson
Apologetics - Dr. Robert Harris
Biblical Counseling - Dr. Mike Foell & Dr. Chris Fowler
Divinity & Pastoral Care - Dr. Chris Fowler & Pastor Brett Peterson
Creation Science - Dr. Keith Wanser
Theology - Faculty Consortium

Master of Divinity Faculty - Dr. Chuck Missler  & Professor Garrett Breeland


It's time for Christians in this generation to rise up and defy the tug of mediocrity and soar - do you have what it takes?


Have you ever dreamed you could fly...to break the bonds of gravity and be free? Jesus said you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. Break the bonds and fly!

Coastland is here to help you break out of the box of mediocrity and become who God created you to be. Free from the tug of sin and the entrapments of this world. Truly empowered, blessed, and able to break free from the gravity of life.


Gravity does not have to always get the best of you...

Remember HALO -
Have Answers Logically Organized


Coastland is unapologetically Christian.  We stand on the timeless truth contained in the Word of God.  We can be considered true Biblicists.   We teach, practice, and proclaim the principals of scripture. 


We will not compromise nor will we tolerate false doctrine and shoddy hermeneutics.  We will correct false teaching and practice where ever we find it. 


Equipping a generation to stand on the Word of God, one student at a time!